During the process of filling of Returns, we have built a data base of hundreds of employees covering more than 100 prestigious employers and salary ranging between Rs. 3, 00,000 to Rs. 50, 00,000.  On the basis of in-depth analysis, we observed that there are numerous young employees who do not have good investment strategies as their investments are coupled with huge administrative cost.  Despite of handsome income, people have not invested for minimum amount on which deductions are available in Income-tax act.    In majority of cases, people have invested in more marketed products despite of poor Returns from such investments.

So as endeavour to provide best services, we are managing workshops and seminars for the employees, where we are creating awareness about the various Investment products in the market and strategy to choose the batter Investment among those products. We are imparting the importance of basket of different kind of Investment and way to create the best basket of the Investment which will include a combination of Insurance risky and risk-free investment.

We are providing a one stop solution for all investment needs of the employees like an employee can invest in either of the Insurance,Mutual funds, Government Securities or in n number of other schemes as well.

We are also providing personalise investment solutions to the salaries person.